illuminating luxury


Xavio Design are lighting consultants for the prime luxury residential market. The existing brand was not delivering the correct message for their target market. Irving & Nichols were employed to refresh this to help take the company forward in the desired markets.


The typical types of property that Xavio are involved with are in the very high end luxury markets; we developed an opulent feeling to the brand, using a fine gold foil blocking on very dark backgrounds to create an impression of grandeur with an air of mystique about it.

Using these parameters and guidelines, we created a brand new website for Xavio Design which elevated the company and gave it proper direction into their target markets. Along with that we designed a complete range of stationery for the company to ensure that the new brand was evident at all consumer touch points.

  • bRAND identity
  • web design
  • art direction

xavio boutique

 project brief

Xavio Design wanted branding work undertaken for the creation of their bespoke design and build service. This was a very similar offering to the original Xavio brand, but needed a more ‘consumer individuality’ a bit more of the “…I had this specially designed for me…” feel about it.

We built on what we already had for the Xavio Design brand and added in a consumer element, creating an additional brand – the type that would be seen in a prime residential interiors magazine.

  • art direction

PROduct design

Irving & Nichols are very strong on product design. For Xavio Boutique, we executed some specific product designs – one-off lighting sculptures that synchronise with their surroundings.