Branding for bespoke excellence


Tillys is a very old established brand in the market space it occupies. Dealing in high quality drapery hardware, the company has been in business for over 200 years… The brand was in need of a complete overhaul and refresh – the company asked us to take their brand forward and create something very special that would really stand out.


We felt that a company that had been trading for this amount of time deserved something special… a crest. The crest needed a royal air about it but at the same time had to emulate a homely character to ensure it sat well in the interiors market where the company traded.

We took care to ensure that the change in branding was strong but subtle. We did not want to make a radical change as the name had been in the market for a good amount of time and we couldn’t do anything to encroach on this reputation. We enhanced the whole look and feel of the brand by using images that tell stories of the inspiration for the company’s products. We also brought in the use of foil blocking and embossing to create a look of timeless quality.

These effects are included in all collateral; brochures, stationery etc and we had to echo this look on the website as well.

  • website DESIGN
  • art direction

We carried out expert photography that elevated the Tillys brand. Clever use of backgrounds and props that tell stories and call to mind the inspiration behind the design of the product.