Loxley wanted to bring aesthetic appeal to their brand. They could see the value of a brand that viewed things from the Artist’s perspective.

Their mission was to support and promote artists on their journey to success and needed a brand that exuded that characteristic.

We spent a lot of time looking into the history of Loxley – we were looking for something to build from, something inspirational…and we found it.  It was the birth place of the gallant outlaw Robin Hood.  “…close to the hamlet of Loxley, where, tradition says, there was born a man named Robert de Loxley, better known as Robin Hood.”

With that we set to work.


Robin is crouched, about to release an arrow. The arrows are paintbrushes, suggesting the much loved outlaw was also a keen artist…
The large feather shown in his quiver is largely symbolic, to make the transition between the existing and new brand as seamless as possible.