Branding bespoke musical luxury


Goldfinch supply luxurious pianos to the very top end residential and commercial markets. Their brand needed to attract and appeal to the world of the ‘ultra high net worth’ individuals. Irving & Nichols were assigned to design and create an ornate, luxurious brand that harmonises with the opulence of the Goldfinch products.


To ensure the Goldfinch brand ‘stood out’ we had to create something that was opulent in the extreme – the market space that the company occupies is a reflection of that. We created a brand that simply oozes luxury style at the same time as being timeless and subtle.

A specialist ‘seal’ was created by our team, which appears on the company letterhead in the same gold foil finish – a truly individual touch. This seal features a company crest, also designed and created by our team, which is unique to Goldfinch.

The look and feel of this project required the ultimate in luxury and we achieved this with the use of specialist board with a gold foiled edge, giving a simple item like a business card a completely new identity…

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